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▶ Asthma treated by Rajiv Dixit (sw11)

They are one of the at risk groups, and they don t always associate the symptoms of asthma as an attack but prefer to simply put it down to old age. Age does not mean that they require any less of the lifestyle that we would expect for ourselves or our children, in fact they need it to be controlled so that their life is improved slightly more as with age we all get slower to fight of infection. 

Sometimes, it s easiest to get into a cleaning routine. Learning the routine and getting it down helps make it much easier, and helps you learn how to make your routine much more efficient and speedy. For those living with asthma, this routine must be used to keep the air clean, breathable, and easy on the lungs. 

Even in the face of stunning medical advancements, there are still some conditions that modern medicine cannot eradicate. Though asthma is a chronic and usually lifelong affliction, living with asthma doesn t have to mean living in pain. The symptoms of asthma, including wheezing, coughing, a choking feeling, and the inability to breathe, can be managed and treated with the proper asthma medication. 

Different sufferers have different medication but generally you have a preventive inhaler that works long term, and an emergency inhaler that opens the airways in an attack this is called the quick relief. Long-term inhalers help to prevent attacks and make them milder in the long term. However if you are having an attack you need the emergency inhaler that will open your airways and let you breath more easily. 

It's very important to know that living with asthma means living smoke-free - completely. No one who has asthma should be exposed to smoke, at least not on a regular basis. Smoking should not be done within the home, for example, but taken outside where it will not irritate any asthma-related symptoms. 

The Daily Plan You take your inhaler three or four times a day and that will help you to keep it under control, then of course you have your emergency alleviator that gives instant relief from a severe attack of breathlessness. Some people have to take their inhaler through a thing called a spacer, this is especially good for children as well as it gives the child chance to breath a couple of times instead of trying to take their inhaler in one go.