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दमा का घरेलू ईलाज Dama (Asthma) Ka Ilaj - Home Remedies For Asthma In Hindi (Breathing Problems)

Because of this they suffer severe attacks purely because they did not get the medical help that they did not think they needed. Medication Medication and preventive medicine like the flu jab can help the elderly live a relatively normal life. And may even help them to stay attack free. Contributing Factors Remove as many contributing factors as possible, such as dust and dust mites, smoke, and pet hair. 

The world can t stop for an asthma attack, so neither can you. Talk to your physician about medication that will stop these attacks, before you they get too scary and out-of-control. Avoiding attacks isn t always as easy as taking medication. There are other things you can do to make living with asthma much easier, steps you can take that make avoiding attacks an easy enough task. 

If this is the case, you really need to put this problem to rest before beginning your program again. If, ordinarily, your asthma is in under control, yet symptoms pop up after five or ten minutes from beginning your program, you re experiencing what is known as Exercise-induced asthma. Exercise-induced asthma is a result of the airways reacting sensitively to temperature or humidity changes. 

It s important to breathe easy in the home above all, so get into the groove of cleaning and be free of dust mites and other airborne irritants. Sometimes, even outside pollen can affect asthma symptoms. It may be best to stay indoors, with central air conditioning, on high-pollen days. Weather and atmospheric conditions can affect how easy you breathe so pay attention to forecasts. 

Doctors define asthma as chronic inflammatory disease of the airway that causes many symptoms including: - Shortness of breath - Chronic cough - Wheezing - Tightness in the chest With these symptoms or their early onset a doctor is able to conduct lung-function tests. Your doctor may also prescribe medications to assist in the conclusive determination as to whether the disease is present or not. 

If you child suffers more than two attacks a week he will probably be prescribed inhalers, they can also be given a breathing mask which may make the drugs easier to administer, although it might be a little scary at first it will help him or her breath easier. Children Pre- school children obviously need help with managing their medication, and an adult must give it to them till they learn how themselves.