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But persistent cough happens to be symptomatic of lung disease, whooping cough, or postnasal drip. For adults or adolescents, there are often other factors at play, but infants who cough to the point of vomiting should get immediate attention from a doctor. That is a very big indicator of asthma and should be checked out post haste. 

It passes the windpipe before moving to the bronchi that then pass on to smaller and smaller tubes, ending in a small sac called alveoli. That small sac is where oxygen is passed to the blood. The body needs this oxygen. Carbon dioxide, which the body does not need, is then removed. People with asthma have trouble breathing in the presence of 'triggers. 

Asthma is caused by the tubes that help you breath becoming swollen and inflamed, therefore causing them to tighten up and leave less room for air to get to the lungs. Which in turn causes breathlessness, wheezing, and coughing. Asthma can also appear as various other illnesses, namely pneumonia, bronchitis, allergies, and of course the common cold. 

Different sufferers have different medication but generally you have a preventive inhaler that works long term, and an emergency inhaler that opens the airways in an attack this is called the quick relief. Long-term inhalers help to prevent attacks and make them milder in the long term. However if you are having an attack you need the emergency inhaler that will open your airways and let you breath more easily. 

Over time it is more than likely your needs will change. THE TWO MEDICINES: There are two medications for most people grappling with asthma. Each medication treats only one aspect of the disease. 1) Controllers or Preventers: these reduce inflammation in the air passages. These should be taken each day. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your medication, talk to your neighborhood pharmacist or look for information online. Use the resources that you have to learn all your can about asthma, your asthma medication, and what you can do to help you breathe easy in spite of asthma. There are other ways to help you breathe easy, even when living with asthma.