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asthma attack

" Asthma has no set diagnosis; the journey from first warning sign symptoms to a full blown diagnosis of asthma is long and complicated. Symptoms usually: 1) Vary from person to person. 2) Vary from episode to episode. 3) Flare up and get very severe, then disappear for long periods. 4) Symptoms can be mild, moderate, or severe for extended periods of time. 

Although with asthma you can suffer sometimes more than others, when an asthma attack happens there are certain symptoms to look for these include. A worsening wheeziness, difficulty breathing in and out, pain in your chest or back, Incessant coughing fit, difficulty talking because of lack of breath, blue lips or fingernails, looking pale and sweaty, and you have taken your emergency medication and it does not alleviate the symptoms. 

But there are things that you can do, along with taking your regular medication, to lessen even these lingering symptoms. If you re living with asthma, then you should be living smoke-free. Asthma symptoms are often irritated, and sometimes even made much worse, by even second-hand cigarette smoke. Anyone who has been diagnosed with asthma absolutely should not smoke, as any kind of smoking will only make any breathing problem worse. 

There are many people out there with asthma, and many ways that you can make living with asthma one of the easiest parts of your lifestyle. Learning how to breathe easy when you re living with asthma can often seem very challenging, especially when you first learn that you ve got this condition. You may hear that asthma is incurable, that no one knows what causes asthma to occur. 

If symptoms feel like they are getting worse, they probably are. Remember; never take heresy or urban legend as fact. Doctors are the only ones qualified to treat your individual case, no matter what "cure-all" you see on TV. Your doctor can help you understand: 1) What medication works to minimize your symptoms, and why. 

Asthma sufferers don t have to suffer there are ways you can lessen their symptoms and help to make the air more breathable for sensitive airways. Sometimes, it s easiest to get into a cleaning routine. Learning the routine and getting it down helps make it much easier, and helps you learn how to make your routine much more efficient and speedy.