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Asthma Attack - The Correct Treatment

If this is the case, you really need to put this problem to rest before beginning your program again. If, ordinarily, your asthma is in under control, yet symptoms pop up after five or ten minutes from beginning your program, you re experiencing what is known as Exercise-induced asthma. Exercise-induced asthma is a result of the airways reacting sensitively to temperature or humidity changes. 

Misdiagnosis: However, just because you ve got symptoms doesn t always mean you re infected with asthma. One example is you may get tightness in your chest or wheezing during or just after exercise. That s a symptom of asthma that s not uncommon in someone just beginning an exercise regimen, for instance. 

Inhalation devices can stop asthma attacks before they get started. Talk to your doctor about medicating your problem, and take medicine exactly as prescribed by your physician. This is one of the best ways to combat asthma attacks, breathe easy, and go on with your life. The world can t stop for an asthma attack, so neither can you. 

Medical Help Many elderly do not like to bother their G.P with what they think is minor problems, telling themselves it s just a cold or touch of flu etc, They do not tell them that their asthma is getting worse or that the wheezing will not stop. Because of this they suffer severe attacks purely because they did not get the medical help that they did not think they needed. 

Living with asthma often means taking medication to help you breathe easier, but your entire life doesn t have to revolve around medicine. Once you ve obtained the proper medication and have been instructed in the proper use of this medicine, you re already well on your way to living with asthma, and living happily, too. 

Other animals that pose a risk are: -Gerbils -Hamsters -Birds -Mice/Rats -Rabbits -Guinea pigs -Horses Surprisingly, even an animal you don t keep in the house, like horses can produce devastating attacks. So if you give your son or daughter riding lessons and notice they get sick or particularly tight afterwards, that s a pretty clear indicator that you ve got a problem.