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Living with Asthma in children Children s Statistics Did you know that 5.9 per cent of children aged 0-4 years have asthma to some degree. Though it is noticeably worse in built up towns due to pollution in the cities and large towns. Symptoms in a young child Symptoms of a cold causing wheezing where there is no other explanation. 

However, even though your asthma symptoms stop, you should not stop taking your medication. If you do, airway inflammation is prone to recur. 2) Relievers: help in alleviating symptoms immediately. Coughing or wheezing is often treated this way. However, relievers do nothing for your long term inflammation. 

Your doctor can talk to you more about asthma medication, and you ll find that your local pharmacist is always willing to answer questions you may have about any type of medicine. Living with asthma often means taking medication to help you breathe easier, but your entire life doesn t have to revolve around medicine. 

And really, what s so wrong with having a nice, clean home environment? Keeping it clean also means eliminating smoke in the home. Cigarettes and other tobacco products should absolutely not be smoked, but taken outside so as not to aggravate asthma symptoms. Asthma sufferers absolutely should not smoke themselves, nor should they be exposed to smoke whenever it s possible. 

-Remove carpet in the home; dander is more likely to be trapped, even from regular vacuuming within carpet fibers. Of particular interest for the allergy sufferer is no carpet in the bedroom. -Shield your mattress and pillows in allergen-proof covers. -Clean all areas the pet travels often using a vacuum with HEPA (high-efficiency particular air) filter. 

That s a symptom of asthma that s not uncommon in someone just beginning an exercise regimen, for instance. It s also symptomatic of being out of shape and pushing yourself too hard. Not doing correct warm-ups before, cool downs after, or keeping properly hydrated... the list goes on. So, yu see, there is no need to get worked up over nothing if you begin to experience asthmatic symptoms.