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There are some things, like cigarette smoking, that asthma sufferers can never do. When you can t breathe easy, living with asthma seems like a real pain. But does it have to be? Some studies show that one in four Americans will be affected by asthma or allergies of some kind. No matter how you look at it, that s an incredibly high number. 

Never treat a child with asthma different to their siblings for fear you will cause an attack as this could cause problems in the family with sibling resentment. Don t be afraid to discipline them all the same. As long as long as your Childs school is aware of the problem and the medication that is needed your child should on the whole enjoy a normal full time education. 

This will all help the asthma sufferer breath more easily and give them good quality air therefore preventing frequent attacks and trips to either the doctors or hospital. Although treatment for the elderly is the same for everyone it may well need to be increased because of the fact that the elderly are more susceptive to colds and flu. 

Pet dander can be another enemy to the asthmatic. Fight pet dander by keeping all animals in the home well-groomed and regularly washed and combed. You ll also want to regularly wash and clean pet sleeping areas and other fabrics that often used by the pets. The best way to cut down on pet dander is to wash these items in very hot water. 

Many asthma sufferers manage their symptoms beautifully with prescription medication. Follow the directions set forth by doctors and pharmacists, and you ll be well on your way to living with asthma, instead of living with asthma problems. Smoking, pollen, and animal dander may aggravate asthma. If you re living with asthma, don t allow smoking in your home and don t smoke yourself. 

Living with asthma absolutely does not mean living with breathing difficulties all the time, every single day. Many asthma sufferers manage their condition through medication very easily. Your doctor can talk to you more about asthma medication, and you ll find that your local pharmacist is always willing to answer questions you may have about any type of medicine.