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Can you Exercise When You have Asthma Some might say that if you are stricken with a debilitating breathing disease like asthma that you should not exercise. You are not able to exercise! How can anyone who can t breathe be expected to put forth the least physical exertion. If you said this, then you would be wrong. 

And causes the feelings of fighting for breathe. Your heart feels like it is going to burst through your chest and panic sets in. All of this can be remedied or at the very least controlled. The Daily Plan You take your inhaler three or four times a day and that will help you to keep it under control, then of course you have your emergency alleviator that gives instant relief from a severe attack of breathlessness. 

Relatives should try not to smoke any where near an elderly relative. Medical Help Many elderly do not like to bother their G.P with what they think is minor problems, telling themselves it s just a cold or touch of flu etc, They do not tell them that their asthma is getting worse or that the wheezing will not stop. 

School or work isn t, at this point, posing a problem and your sleep is uninterrupted through the night. Your reliever inhaler is used no more than four times a week for symptoms (save prior to physical exertion) and all else with your breathing is well. In the green zone is equivalent to your asthma being totally under control. 

Though it s impossible to free the world of these breathing irritations, you can help free your home of them. This way, avoiding attacks is a piece of cake and living with asthma means living with fresh, breathable air. To help eliminate these irritants in the home and work place, don t allow cigarette smoking. 

Even so mum or dad should routinely check to make sure they are keeping the medication in check. Never treat a child with asthma different to their siblings for fear you will cause an attack as this could cause problems in the family with sibling resentment. Don t be afraid to discipline them all the same.