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Pet dander can be another enemy to the asthmatic. Fight pet dander by keeping all animals in the home well-groomed and regularly washed and combed. You ll also want to regularly wash and clean pet sleeping areas and other fabrics that often used by the pets. The best way to cut down on pet dander is to wash these items in very hot water. 

Use the resources that you have to learn all your can about asthma, your asthma medication, and what you can do to help you breathe easy in spite of asthma. There are other ways to help you breathe easy, even when living with asthma. Get into a regular cleaning schedule to battle the effects of pet dander and dust mites, both irritants that might hamper breathing and cause undue suffering in asthmatic patients. 

Asthma sufferers should do what they can to avoid smoky situations at work, as well, and always step outside for fresh air if trapped in an enclosed space with a cigarette smoker. New laws banning cigarettes in public locations are being passed all the time, and this makes living with asthma a lot easier. 

Diagnosing Asthma Asthma is no laughing matter and shouldn t be taken lightly. But how is it diagnosed? Are you even sure you have it? In the past, youngsters and even older adults, who were more in tune with their body s rhythms, could go on for years and never be correctly diagnosed. As the science gets better, we hope so does the diagnosis. 

Long-term inhalers help to prevent attacks and make them milder in the long term. However if you are having an attack you need the emergency inhaler that will open your airways and let you breath more easily. Although some medication can have a few little side effects they go quickly if they don t go and are prolonged go see your GP or asthma nurse and they will change your medication. 

This happens either because airways become irritated, swollen, or reddened producing mucous. The greater the inflammation, the more sensitive the air passages, the worse and more intense the symptoms. The other cause of symptoms is that the muscles surrounding the airway twitch and tighten, causing the air channel to narrow.