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Cough-Variant Asthma (Asthma #6)

Living With Asthma: Living Smoke-Free Living with asthma doesn t mean having to suffer through pain. There are many different ways that people who have been diagnosed with asthma can lessen the pain, and the symptoms of asthma. When you re living with asthma, living smoke-free is one of the best ways to ensure that you have fewer attacks and fewer breathing problems. 

Weather and atmospheric conditions can affect how easy you breathe so pay attention to forecasts. Living with asthma is much easier when smoke is eliminated from the home and work place, as well. If at all possible, avoid smoke at work and don t allow smoking at all within the home. When living with asthma, it s almost impossible to breathe easy if there s any kind of smoke around. 

P with what they think is minor problems, telling themselves it s just a cold or touch of flu etc, They do not tell them that their asthma is getting worse or that the wheezing will not stop. Because of this they suffer severe attacks purely because they did not get the medical help that they did not think they needed. 

Keep in mind that a normal cold can sometimes trigger a more severe asthma attack. So if your child has a cold remember it can set his or her asthma off. Medication Medication is usually two inhalers one for every day use the other for emergency relief. Your doctor make get you to do a peak flow reading for a while to try and determine what causes the attacks and when attacks are likely. 

Changes in emotions can also trigger asthma off. Learn what triggers your asthma off and do all you can to avoid the situations. How is Asthma treated You remove as many of the triggers from your home as possible, take any medication that your GP has prescribed as and in the way you ve been told. Different sufferers have different medication but generally you have a preventive inhaler that works long term, and an emergency inhaler that opens the airways in an attack this is called the quick relief. 

For those living with asthma, this routine must be used to keep the air clean, breathable, and easy on the lungs. So what s the trick to keeping it clean? First things first, you want to regularly wash and air out linens and other fabrics in the home. Regularly vacuum furniture and wash bed clothes and cushions to reduce dust mites.