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Dog Has Asthma Attack (Reverse Sneezing)

Asthma is caused by the tubes that help you breath becoming swollen and inflamed, therefore causing them to tighten up and leave less room for air to get to the lungs. Which in turn causes breathlessness, wheezing, and coughing. Asthma can also appear as various other illnesses, namely pneumonia, bronchitis, allergies, and of course the common cold. 

Other animals that pose a risk are: -Gerbils -Hamsters -Birds -Mice/Rats -Rabbits -Guinea pigs -Horses Surprisingly, even an animal you don t keep in the house, like horses can produce devastating attacks. So if you give your son or daughter riding lessons and notice they get sick or particularly tight afterwards, that s a pretty clear indicator that you ve got a problem. 

Even reading the stories and thoughts of others can make asthma seem much easier. There are many, many people with asthma out there it s a very large club. Just knowing you are not alone makes living with asthma seem a whole lot easier, so seek out information and read up on asthma. Understanding asthma is an important step to living with asthma. 

Over time it is more than likely your needs will change. THE TWO MEDICINES: There are two medications for most people grappling with asthma. Each medication treats only one aspect of the disease. 1) Controllers or Preventers: these reduce inflammation in the air passages. These should be taken each day. 

Smog and atmospheric viruses are produced inside the body and is something you should verify and monitor with your doctor depending on where you live. Other things, less often associated maybe in your own sphere with being inflammatory include dust mites, cockroaches, and animals such as dogs or cats with shedding fur. 

Contributing Factors Remove as many contributing factors as possible, such as dust and dust mites, smoke, and pet hair. This will all help the asthma sufferer breath more easily and give them good quality air therefore preventing frequent attacks and trips to either the doctors or hospital. Although treatment for the elderly is the same for everyone it may well need to be increased because of the fact that the elderly are more susceptive to colds and flu.