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The best way to cut down on pet dander is to wash these items in very hot water. Reducing any pet dander in the home will help any asthma sufferer. This is another way that keeping it clean makes living with asthma much more hassle-free. When asthma sufferers breathe easier, asthma doesn t seem like so much of a problem. 

Helpful Hints You can buy both mattress and pillow protectors that will take away the threat of dust mites in the bed, thus giving you a better chance of a good nights sleep. Keeping your medication going, visit your asthma clinic regularly to make sure your asthma is being kept in control. Exercise as much as you can, and some breathing exercises might help to give relief from the effects of asthma. 

Pets can trigger asthma and it is better if you do not have any pets if you are a sufferer, but if you do have pets take as many precautions as you can, keep the pet outside if possible and never let pets in the bedroom. Any mould in the home can be a potential trigger and if inhaled can cause an attack. 

But don t let anyone sell you any glass houses with asthma. Because I ll have to just barge right in, throw my stone, and tell you the truth: there is no cure. As much as I d like there to be, you ve got to remember: this is a TREATABLE disease. That s good enough for them, right now. And with asthma, it's important to remember that symptoms vary based on the individual who's gotten them. 

Learn more about living with asthma, and learn that life doesn t have to change. Living with asthma absolutely does not mean living with breathing difficulties all the time, every single day. Many asthma sufferers manage their condition through medication very easily. Your doctor can talk to you more about asthma medication, and you ll find that your local pharmacist is always willing to answer questions you may have about any type of medicine. 

Living with teenagers with Asthma Teenagers with asthma are treated much the same as anyone else suffering from asthma, but because they are teenagers they are much more less likely to remember their medication. They should be reminded to take their medication even if they feel perfectly well all the time.