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Ed Sheeran Helps Fan Having Asthma Attack 9.23.12

Living With Asthma: Breathe Easy Living with asthma means living with a sort of breathing disability. There are some things, like cigarette smoking, that asthma sufferers can never do. When you can t breathe easy, living with asthma seems like a real pain. But does it have to be? Some studies show that one in four Americans will be affected by asthma or allergies of some kind. 

But does living with asthma mean that you have to live through these attacks, or is there some way that this breathing problem can be avoided? Asthma is a chronic, incurable condition. That may sound dire, but today s modern medicine makes living with asthma pretty stress-free and easy. Inhalation devices can stop asthma attacks before they get started. 

Also asthma in the elderly can have other associated problems like depression, restricted movement because of lack of breath and sleepiness during the day. Smoke and smoking can bring on an asthma attack and even the elderly can still benefit from giving up smoking. Relatives should try not to smoke any where near an elderly relative. 

Cleaning your home of these irritants can make living with asthma a whole lot easier. Asthma sufferers should not smoke, nor should they be exposed to smoking. If someone with asthma lives within the home, do not smoke inside of it. Take the smoke outside, as cigarettes can very directly affect asthma and make breathing a true struggle. 

Asthma Triggers Smoke should be banned from the home of an asthmatic as it can bring on an attack. Dust mites, you can by protective mattress covers and pillow covers that will block the dust mites from you. Pollution from car and industry emission in built up areas, air pollution when air quality is low asthma attacks go up. 

Your reliever inhaler is used no more than four times a week for symptoms (save prior to physical exertion) and all else with your breathing is well. In the green zone is equivalent to your asthma being totally under control. If you're on controller medication, continue to take those until you're doctor says you can stop.