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Everyday First Aid: Asthma

There are also lots of resources online, and at public libraries, where it s possible to find more information about living with asthma. Sometimes, living with asthma feels much easier when you know more about asthma itself. Even reading the stories and thoughts of others can make asthma seem much easier. 

Learn how living with asthma, and avoiding attacks, can be perfectly normal and stress-free. One of the worst parts of living with asthma is living with asthma attacks. The symptoms of asthma include trouble breathing, but full-on asthma attacks are different. An asthma attack can be incredibly frightening, confusing, and lonely. 

This is a small price to pay when it means breathing easier (and even living cleaner). Once the home and work place are relatively free of dust, dander, and smoke, living with asthma is almost exactly like living without asthma. Some sufferers may experience more symptoms on high-pollen days. It s best to stay indoors if possible, with the air conditioner circulating, if you have asthma and pollen irritates your condition. 

You ll find a world full of resources, including tips and advice, that s completely free (and right at your fingertips). The Internet is always a great place to trade information and connect with others. In fact, you ll find plenty of other asthma sufferers that can share their first-hand opinions and stories. 

Smoking of course is bad for everyone s health and can make asthma even worse. Always make sure that your teenagers teachers and school mates know they suffer with asthma so that they will no what to do in case of an attack and make sure they keep their inhalers with them wherever they go. Teenagers Teenagers may have the view that asthma interferes with their life, making them different from their friends. 

Understanding and living with your Asthma What is Asthma Asthma is a disease that affects your lungs, by narrowing the airways to your lungs. It causes wheeziness, breathlessness, chest tightness and either morning or nighttime coughing. Asthma is a 24/7 disease although you may have no effect from it for ages and suddenly something will trigger it off.