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Living With Asthma: Avoiding Attacks When you learn that you have asthma, it can seem like the world is ending. How can you carry on a normal life, if you can t even breathe? But the world doesn t have to stop for asthma, and neither does your life. Learn how living with asthma, and avoiding attacks, can be perfectly normal and stress-free. 

Overnight solo mountain climbing, for instance, might be negated in lieu of morning group nature hikes. Decathlon is something you ll probably never compete in; why not participate in a charity walk? Conservatively: It s important to think of yourself first and never let your ambitions get out of step with your abilities. 

A number of factors play in to the exercise-induced asthma: - Length of time exercising - Allergens, air pollution, or other triggers present - Humidity - Temperature However, a decision to NOT exercise is not a wise idea. Benefits of exercise include: - Heart/Lung efficiency - Strength/endurance - Flexibility/posture - Ability to relax while at rest You should always talk to your doctor if you are unsure whether the asthma symptoms are exercise-induced or not. 

Deciding to keep the pet despite your allergies will surely increase the severity of your symptoms over time. All animals with fur also release dander; there s no such thing as an allergy-free cat or dog. Your best bet is to reduce the exposure to pet allergens to aid your asthma: -For cats or dogs: have another household member wash it twice a week. 

Although treatment for the elderly is the same for everyone it may well need to be increased because of the fact that the elderly are more susceptive to colds and flu. In the years 1972-1986 Sweden did a poll to see what the trends were with asthma and the elderly and they found that 710,187 hospitalisation days and 62,342 periods of hospital treatment were mainly due to the elderly and asthma. 

Keeping it clean also means eliminating smoke in the home. Cigarettes and other tobacco products should absolutely not be smoked, but taken outside so as not to aggravate asthma symptoms. Asthma sufferers absolutely should not smoke themselves, nor should they be exposed to smoke whenever it s possible.