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Giving My Cat Flovent Asthma Inhaler in the Aerokat Chamber

Pets can trigger asthma and it is better if you do not have any pets if you are a sufferer, but if you do have pets take as many precautions as you can, keep the pet outside if possible and never let pets in the bedroom. Any mould in the home can be a potential trigger and if inhaled can cause an attack. 

P even though they may tell you they are fine. Taking care of the young with asthma will eventually change the trends of the elderly with asthma. Also if you elderly relative has a pet or pets remember that fur loss can bring on a severe attack of asthma so to help if the pets hair is long always give them a good brush to try to alleviate to much hair loss in the home 

Perhaps you feel a little tightness in the chest when you strain yourself, or you cough a little too much, a little too often. The actual diagnosis of asthma is something much greater than just a little coughing and should be taken very seriously. There are many types of asthma but the medical definition is "a disease of the windpipe (bronchial tubes) which carry air to and from the lungs. 

2) Ways to keep your own asthma under control by avoiding individual triggers, keeping out of contact with recurring stressors, and upping the overall quality of your life. 3) Preparation of an action plan with realizable goals for you and hopes of tamping down your symptoms. 4) Schedule visits at regular intervals to monitor your progress. 

These are things that don t usually cause the inflammation that lead to full blown attacks, but can incite clogged airways, not helping the already inflamed passageways. These include things such as smoke, intense cold, other various air pollutants, or chemical fumes. Also instigating are things like exercise, perfumes or other strong smelling substances, or even intense emotions. 

Also to try to prevent acute attacks therefore removing the need to go to casualty to get the asthma back in order. Causes of Asthma The main causes of Asthma can be attributed to certain things that can cause a reaction with Asthma, These include hereditary, which will make you more likely to develop a chronic Asthma, Allergies, dust mites and some animal fur and cigarette smoke.