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Grace's Asthma Attack

You may learn that you have to try to eliminate pet dander and dust mites in your home and that sounds like a whole lot of work. Living with asthma is much easier when you do this, however, and it s as easy as regularly washing and cleaning fabrics inside the home. By keeping it clean, you keep the air you breathe free of asthma attack-inducing irritants that will do nothing but make living with asthma a real pain the lungs. 

It's very important to know that living with asthma means living smoke-free - completely. No one who has asthma should be exposed to smoke, at least not on a regular basis. Smoking should not be done within the home, for example, but taken outside where it will not irritate any asthma-related symptoms. 

They have to accept that their asthma is only a little portion of their life not the whole of it. They can fit their medication into a daily plan that still lets them carry on their life. Sport and exercise is excellent for them as it helps build stronger lungs and overall health. Discourage the use of drugs and smoking that can aggravate and in some cases bring on a severe attack. 

Under a doctor s care, many asthma sufferers find that they can manage their asthma without a lot of trouble or complications. The first step to living with asthma is in finding the appropriate asthma medication, and following the doctor s orders in regard to taking that medication. Managing asthma through medication is the most popular choice for those living with asthma. 

No symptoms, you are able to stretch yourself to the limits of your abilities, participate in normal, everyday activities, and even exert yourself to perform at your peak physical limits for decent periods of time. School or work isn t, at this point, posing a problem and your sleep is uninterrupted through the night. 

Pets can trigger asthma and it is better if you do not have any pets if you are a sufferer, but if you do have pets take as many precautions as you can, keep the pet outside if possible and never let pets in the bedroom. Any mould in the home can be a potential trigger and if inhaled can cause an attack.