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To learn more about living with asthma, and living a smoke-free life, look for resources and tools on the Internet. You'll find lots of information, advice, and tips on how to make living with asthma an effortless experience for everyone. There is also a lot of support in the online community for anyone who would like to connect with others who have had experience with asthma. 

You ve got medicine, you ve got asthma is that all? There are many ways that you can help yourself breathe easier, even when you re living with asthma. Dust, pet dander, and smoke can all irritate any breathing condition, including asthma. Cleaning your home of these irritants can make living with asthma a whole lot easier. 

If, ordinarily, your asthma is in under control, yet symptoms pop up after five or ten minutes from beginning your program, you re experiencing what is known as Exercise-induced asthma. Exercise-induced asthma is a result of the airways reacting sensitively to temperature or humidity changes. This is of particular consequence while breathing in and out, cold, dry air through the mouth. 

Dust mites congregate in soft-surfaced places and feed off shed human skin often found in bedding, pillows, sofas, and carpeting. Cockroaches, not only one of the most reviled pests of all time, also give asthmatics trouble. Their feces and presence incites symptoms. Something less provocative but no less dangerous for people living with asthma are symptom triggers. 

Asthma sufferers absolutely should not smoke themselves, nor should they be exposed to smoke whenever it s possible. By taking a few extra steps, you can make living with asthma much more manageable. Keeping it clean doesn t just help the asthma sufferer breathe easier, but everyone in the home. Your space will be cleaner, your air purer, and your lungs happier. 

THE YELLOW ZONE: Do your asthma symptoms worsen during regular activities? Is sleep disturbed because of your asthma? Are you missing work or school due to asthma symptoms? Are you suffering from cold or chest infection? Do you need to take your reliever medication more than four times a day? You are in the yellow zone.