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Dust mites are common problem for people with asthma. Dust mites are tiny, spider-like creatures whose body parts and excretions elicit powerful reaction from asthmatics. Dust mites congregate in soft-surfaced places and feed off shed human skin often found in bedding, pillows, sofas, and carpeting. Cockroaches, not only one of the most reviled pests of all time, also give asthmatics trouble. 

Air inhaled through the mouth has skipped the nose which normally acts as a humidifying agent prior to the air reaching the lungs. If you are exercising correctly, in through your nose, out through your mouth then you are probably bypassing the humidifying agent of the nose. An easy way to identify exercise-induced asthma is using a breathing test while you are at rest and then comparing that, following exercise. 

Aasthma Worsening Asthma symptoms, like symptoms with any prolonged illness, can vary from time to time, season to season. Monitoring your symptoms is important; you've got to be vigilant, because even the mildest onset of one thing, untreated, can mean big trouble down the road. It s important to listen to your body and respond to the cries for help it gives out. 

It s even more sad that cat and dog dander is one of the biggest causes for reactionary symptoms in asthmatics. But here is the news, no matter how unhappy to read, to separate urban legend from fact. A common misconception is that only fur or feathers is what cause a reaction in those susceptible to asthma. 

Regularly washing linens and fabrics will help control dust mites, which might also irritate asthmatic conditions. Living with asthma doesn t have to be a burden. When you know how to manage and control asthma and related symptoms, living with asthma is just like living without asthma with a few extras. 

Living with Asthma in an elderly Relative Though living with an elderly relative with Asthma is not much different to living with any other age group with asthma, you naturally have to take a little bit more special care. They are one of the at risk groups, and they don t always associate the symptoms of asthma as an attack but prefer to simply put it down to old age.