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You ll find a world full of resources, including tips and advice, that s completely free (and right at your fingertips). The Internet is always a great place to trade information and connect with others. In fact, you ll find plenty of other asthma sufferers that can share their first-hand opinions and stories.
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This is one of the best ways to combat asthma attacks, breathe easy, and go on with your life. The world can t stop for an asthma attack, so neither can you. Talk to your physician about medication that will stop these attacks, before you they get too scary and out-of-control. Avoiding attacks isn t always as easy as taking medication.
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Dust, pet dander, and smoke can all irritate any breathing condition, including asthma. Cleaning your home of these irritants can make living with asthma a whole lot easier. Asthma sufferers should not smoke, nor should they be exposed to smoking. If someone with asthma lives within the home, do not smoke inside of it.
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Symptoms in a young child Symptoms of a cold causing wheezing where there is no other explanation. A dry nighttime cough, shortness of breath after exertion such as crawling, walking or playing. Minimizing the triggers By removing the triggers as much as possible, it will help make attacks less likely things that can help trigger an attack are dust mites, pollen, fur, and smoke.
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You are in the yellow zone. You need to speak to your doctor right away, as you're losing control and you're very near slipping into. THE RED ZONE: Excessive coughing, wheezing, tightness in the chest or labored breathing. You find yourself gasping for air, sweating, you have unattribuited anxiety, decreased activity level, your reliever medication isn't working, you've even got blue lips or fingernails.
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Get into a regular cleaning schedule to battle the effects of pet dander and dust mites, both irritants that might hamper breathing and cause undue suffering in asthmatic patients. Regularly washing fabrics helps fight these irritants. It s important to breathe easy in the home above all, so get into the groove of cleaning and be free of dust mites and other airborne irritants.
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Only a doctor can diagnose asthma, you should always see one right away if you feel endangered. Some circumstances you should come equipped with for the doctors evaluation are: - Your medical history - What your symptoms are How frequently they occur How they change with medication Individual triggers for symptoms - Your own allergies - Your family history On your visit, a doctor will test your lung function, using peak flow monitoring and spirometry to determine how quickly you expel air.
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It passes the windpipe before moving to the bronchi that then pass on to smaller and smaller tubes, ending in a small sac called alveoli. That small sac is where oxygen is passed to the blood. The body needs this oxygen. Carbon dioxide, which the body does not need, is then removed. People with asthma have trouble breathing in the presence of 'triggers.
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No one is sure what causes asthma, or what can be done to cure this ailment. Asthma is chronic and, usually, lifelong. But does that mean that every day has to be a struggle to breathe? Or is there some way that you can breathe easy even with asthma? Most people who have been diagnosed with asthma find that medication is a good way to combat the symptoms and sufferings associated with this affliction.
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Communicating with others is a good way to learn what you can do to make living with asthma pain-free and stress-free for everyone, including those people who live in the home that don t suffer from asthma. The Internet is a wonderful way to learn more about asthma and to connect with other asthma sufferers.
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These include things such as smoke, intense cold, other various air pollutants, or chemical fumes. Also instigating are things like exercise, perfumes or other strong smelling substances, or even intense emotions. How to live when so much of what causes your suffering is all around in the world that you live?
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There are many different ways that people living with asthma can make their condition less painful, and make breathing easier a breeze. Even with medication, some people who have been diagnosed with asthma learn that medication does not combat all asthma symptoms. But there are things that you can do, along with taking your regular medication, to lessen even these lingering symptoms.
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As long as long as your Childs school is aware of the problem and the medication that is needed your child should on the whole enjoy a normal full time education. Without to many problems. At home they should have as normal a life as possible like playing, exercise, and normal activities. Be able to get good nights sleep without fear of an attack.
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Keeping your medication going, visit your asthma clinic regularly to make sure your asthma is being kept in control. Exercise as much as you can, and some breathing exercises might help to give relief from the effects of asthma. Asthma Attack Symptoms. Although with asthma you can suffer sometimes more than others, when an asthma attack happens there are certain symptoms to look for these include.
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Hereditary If you have a parent that suffers with asthma you are three-six times more likely to develop asthma yourself, more than a person who has no parent with asthma. What is an asthma attack It is caused by the tubes letting air down to your lungs, getting smaller, muscles get tighter and make it difficult to get air down, causing breathlessness, coughing, chest tightness, panic, a blue tinge to the lips.
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When you re living with asthma, living smoke-free is one of the best ways to ensure that you have fewer attacks and fewer breathing problems. There are many different ways that people living with asthma can make their condition less painful, and make breathing easier a breeze. Even with medication, some people who have been diagnosed with asthma learn that medication does not combat all asthma symptoms.
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Even the season may make one person seem as two, the first thing it's important to do? Talk with your doctor about you. Ask him the questions you need to know for your particular case, and keep the channels of communication open. If you have a question, you should always ask. If symptoms feel like they are getting worse, they probably are.
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Is sleep disturbed because of your asthma? Are you missing work or school due to asthma symptoms? Are you suffering from cold or chest infection? Do you need to take your reliever medication more than four times a day? You are in the yellow zone. You need to speak to your doctor right away, as you're losing control and you're very near slipping into.
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It causes wheeziness, breathlessness, chest tightness and either morning or nighttime coughing. Asthma is a 24/7 disease although you may have no effect from it for ages and suddenly something will trigger it off. If it is looked after and controlled your asthma will let you live a normal life. Try to avoid things that trigger an attack like dust mites, pollen, smoke.
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They are one of the at risk groups, and they don t always associate the symptoms of asthma as an attack but prefer to simply put it down to old age. Age does not mean that they require any less of the lifestyle that we would expect for ourselves or our children, in fact they need it to be controlled so that their life is improved slightly more as with age we all get slower to fight of infection.
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Because of this they suffer severe attacks purely because they did not get the medical help that they did not think they needed. Medication Medication and preventive medicine like the flu jab can help the elderly live a relatively normal life. And may even help them to stay attack free. Contributing Factors Remove as many contributing factors as possible, such as dust and dust mites, smoke, and pet hair.
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Learning the facts about asthma makes dealing with, and living with this condition that much easier. The more you know about something, the less scary it suddenly seems. Life doesn t have to stop for asthma, so that you can catch your breath you can manage your asthma symptoms, and learn how to cut back on things that may aggravate your condition in the home.
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Controlling asthma through medication is the preferred method of living with asthma for most people, and can be a fairly hassle-free experience. One you get into the regular routine of taking your medication, living with asthma is no problem at all. Taking a few extra steps, like eliminating smoke from the home or controlling the dust mite population, makes living with asthma worry-free.
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The problem for many people who have asthma is often not first-person smoking, but the second-hand smoke to which they are exposed. For someone who has asthma, being around a smoker is the worst. It's very important to know that living with asthma means living smoke-free - completely. No one who has asthma should be exposed to smoke, at least not on a regular basis.