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This is a small price to pay when it means breathing easier (and even living cleaner). Once the home and work place are relatively free of dust, dander, and smoke, living with asthma is almost exactly like living without asthma. Some sufferers may experience more symptoms on high-pollen days. It s best to stay indoors if possible, with the air conditioner circulating, if you have asthma and pollen irritates your condition. 

In the years 1972-1986 Sweden did a poll to see what the trends were with asthma and the elderly and they found that 710,187 hospitalisation days and 62,342 periods of hospital treatment were mainly due to the elderly and asthma. Typical Symptoms Typical symptoms of asthma may mimic Chronic Bronchitis, and Emphysema, colds and allergy. 

Many different things lead to inflammation including mold, pollen, air pollutants (smog) even viruses. Mold is often found where it s damp, in sitting water, or near garbage containers. Pollen is produced by trees, grass, and weeds especially during the warmer weather months. Smog and atmospheric viruses are produced inside the body and is something you should verify and monitor with your doctor depending on where you live. 

If left to his or her own devices the asthma can get worse and in turn lead to permanent lung damage or even worse a life threatening attack. Asthma Treatment The main treatment is two inhalers one that reduces inflammation that is called a controller; the other gives emergency relief by opening the airways in a sudden attack and is called the reliever. 

Be able to get good nights sleep without fear of an attack. With normal lung function and no need to be rushed to casualty. Have little if any side effects from the medication, and most of all they should feel happy and content that their asthma is being controlled leaving them to concentrate on living a full, healthy normal life. 

Sample plans are available online or you can speak with your doctor and they may have ideas about what's worked for their patients in the past. For this discussion today, let s say there are three 'zones' in the life of an asthmatic. Only your doctor can tell you where you fit in this schism, what these zones involve, and about the three different plans of action for what you need to do, and how fast, in different situations.