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Symptoms & Treatment of Feline Asthma

Causes of Asthma The main causes of Asthma can be attributed to certain things that can cause a reaction with Asthma, These include hereditary, which will make you more likely to develop a chronic Asthma, Allergies, dust mites and some animal fur and cigarette smoke. But there is no know main cause. Helpful Hints You can buy both mattress and pillow protectors that will take away the threat of dust mites in the bed, thus giving you a better chance of a good nights sleep. 

In the past, youngsters and even older adults, who were more in tune with their body s rhythms, could go on for years and never be correctly diagnosed. As the science gets better, we hope so does the diagnosis. But like so many other things it s important to speak up if you feel you or especially your child is having problems other children aren t. 

If you want to know more about how you can breathe easy, even when you re living with asthma, check the Internet. You ll find a world full of resources, including tips and advice, that s completely free (and right at your fingertips). The Internet is always a great place to trade information and connect with others. 

You may learn that you have to try to eliminate pet dander and dust mites in your home and that sounds like a whole lot of work. Living with asthma is much easier when you do this, however, and it s as easy as regularly washing and cleaning fabrics inside the home. By keeping it clean, you keep the air you breathe free of asthma attack-inducing irritants that will do nothing but make living with asthma a real pain the lungs. 

Age does not mean that they require any less of the lifestyle that we would expect for ourselves or our children, in fact they need it to be controlled so that their life is improved slightly more as with age we all get slower to fight of infection. Also asthma in the elderly can have other associated problems like depression, restricted movement because of lack of breath and sleepiness during the day. 

Living with Asthma in children Children s Statistics Did you know that 5.9 per cent of children aged 0-4 years have asthma to some degree. Though it is noticeably worse in built up towns due to pollution in the cities and large towns. Symptoms in a young child Symptoms of a cold causing wheezing where there is no other explanation.