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This is one of the best ways to combat asthma attacks, breathe easy, and go on with your life. The world can t stop for an asthma attack, so neither can you. Talk to your physician about medication that will stop these attacks, before you they get too scary and out-of-control. Avoiding attacks isn t always as easy as taking medication. 

However if you are having an attack you need the emergency inhaler that will open your airways and let you breath more easily. Although some medication can have a few little side effects they go quickly if they don t go and are prolonged go see your GP or asthma nurse and they will change your medication. 

Minimizing the triggers By removing the triggers as much as possible, it will help make attacks less likely things that can help trigger an attack are dust mites, pollen, fur, and smoke. If you child suffers more than two attacks a week he will probably be prescribed inhalers, they can also be given a breathing mask which may make the drugs easier to administer, although it might be a little scary at first it will help him or her breath easier. 

Learning how to breathe easy when you re living with asthma can often seem very challenging, especially when you first learn that you ve got this condition. You may hear that asthma is incurable, that no one knows what causes asthma to occur. You may hear this and feel a little hopeless, a little lost. 

But here is the news, no matter how unhappy to read, to separate urban legend from fact. A common misconception is that only fur or feathers is what cause a reaction in those susceptible to asthma. In fact, pet hair is sometimes tolerable for people with asthma. Triggers in your pet may include: -Dander (skin) -Saliva -Urine/Feces -Other secretions And it s not just cats or dogs that are prime candidates for the asthmatic. 

No amount of medication will help fix the damage that smoking can do, especially to those who already have existing breathing problems. Living smoke-free isn't as difficult as it may sound. There are many products available today that control the craving for cigarettes, and your doctor can even prescribe aids that will help you kick any existing smoking habit.