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\u200e22-10-11 Yuchun has asthma and He needs medicine in urgency

At home they should have as normal a life as possible like playing, exercise, and normal activities. Be able to get good nights sleep without fear of an attack. With normal lung function and no need to be rushed to casualty. Have little if any side effects from the medication, and most of all they should feel happy and content that their asthma is being controlled leaving them to concentrate on living a full, healthy normal life. 

That s it; the single best way to assure control over your asthma symptoms due to pet residue. Deciding to keep the pet despite your allergies will surely increase the severity of your symptoms over time. All animals with fur also release dander; there s no such thing as an allergy-free cat or dog. Your best bet is to reduce the exposure to pet allergens to aid your asthma: -For cats or dogs: have another household member wash it twice a week. 

To learn specific information about the medication you ve been prescribed, look to the Internet for information and tips on how to store, use, and take your medication properly. Living with asthma means learning how to breathe in an environment that may not always be asthma-friendly. You ll have to do what you can to avoid smoke, even eliminating smoke in the home so that asthma isn t aggravated or breathing troubles made worse. 

Sometimes, living with asthma feels much easier when you know more about asthma itself. Even reading the stories and thoughts of others can make asthma seem much easier. There are many, many people with asthma out there it s a very large club. Just knowing you are not alone makes living with asthma seem a whole lot easier, so seek out information and read up on asthma. 

Pets can trigger asthma and it is better if you do not have any pets if you are a sufferer, but if you do have pets take as many precautions as you can, keep the pet outside if possible and never let pets in the bedroom. Any mould in the home can be a potential trigger and if inhaled can cause an attack. 

These are things that don t usually cause the inflammation that lead to full blown attacks, but can incite clogged airways, not helping the already inflamed passageways. These include things such as smoke, intense cold, other various air pollutants, or chemical fumes. Also instigating are things like exercise, perfumes or other strong smelling substances, or even intense emotions.