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Understanding Asthma (Asthma #1)

The other cause of symptoms is that the muscles surrounding the airway twitch and tighten, causing the air channel to narrow. The muscle tension is usually caused if inflammation is not treated. Airways of someone with asthma are inflamed all the time to a degree. The greater the inflammation, the more sensitive the airway is, leading to increased breathing difficulty. 

Cockroaches, not only one of the most reviled pests of all time, also give asthmatics trouble. Their feces and presence incites symptoms. Something less provocative but no less dangerous for people living with asthma are symptom triggers. These are things that don t usually cause the inflammation that lead to full blown attacks, but can incite clogged airways, not helping the already inflamed passageways. 

Benefits of exercise include: - Heart/Lung efficiency - Strength/endurance - Flexibility/posture - Ability to relax while at rest You should always talk to your doctor if you are unsure whether the asthma symptoms are exercise-induced or not. Some things to remember: - Take medication before beginning exercise, if advisable - Always warm up before exercising and cool down after - Build up, in a deliberate manner, an exercise program you re comfortable with - Stop and rest at the first sign of symptoms - Know the environment you are most sensitive to and avoid those areas Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Teenagers Teenagers may have the view that asthma interferes with their life, making them different from their friends. They have to accept that their asthma is only a little portion of their life not the whole of it. They can fit their medication into a daily plan that still lets them carry on their life. 

In the green zone is equivalent to your asthma being totally under control. If you're on controller medication, continue to take those until you're doctor says you can stop. THE YELLOW ZONE: Do your asthma symptoms worsen during regular activities? Is sleep disturbed because of your asthma? Are you missing work or school due to asthma symptoms? 

Inhalation devices can stop asthma attacks before they get started. Talk to your doctor about medicating your problem, and take medicine exactly as prescribed by your physician. This is one of the best ways to combat asthma attacks, breathe easy, and go on with your life. The world can t stop for an asthma attack, so neither can you.