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Water and Salt for Allergies and Asthma

Keep your pets clean and well-groomed, and keep the home free of dust and other airborne particles by maintaining a regular cleaning schedule. Living with asthma doesn t have to be a drag it just means doing a little extra cleaning, perhaps, and putting out the cigarettes. This is a small price to pay when it means breathing easier (and even living cleaner). 

Even though that doggy-in-the-window looks irresistible, its waggly-tail and other emissions can elicit harmful emissions that can lead to a very uncomfortable existence for the asthma sufferer. That goes the same for rabbits and gerbils as well! You don t want to get stuck with a character who has got your heartstrings, but also is tied to your air-sack! 

If at all possible, try to avoid smoke while working, as well. Living smoke-free means avoiding smoke whenever possible. This only benefits you, as a person with asthma. Eliminate residual smoke odors in the home by washing and airing out fabrics, wiping down furniture and even the walls, and removing dust from vents and fans. 

You need to speak to your doctor right away, as you're losing control and you're very near slipping into. THE RED ZONE: Excessive coughing, wheezing, tightness in the chest or labored breathing. You find yourself gasping for air, sweating, you have unattribuited anxiety, decreased activity level, your reliever medication isn't working, you've even got blue lips or fingernails. 

The other cause of symptoms is that the muscles surrounding the airway twitch and tighten, causing the air channel to narrow. The muscle tension is usually caused if inflammation is not treated. Airways of someone with asthma are inflamed all the time to a degree. The greater the inflammation, the more sensitive the airway is, leading to increased breathing difficulty. 

Keeping the air clean inside the home is one of the most important steps in making living with asthma much easier, and much more painless. Asthma sufferers don t have to suffer there are ways you can lessen their symptoms and help to make the air more breathable for sensitive airways. Sometimes, it s easiest to get into a cleaning routine.