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However, even though your asthma symptoms stop, you should not stop taking your medication. If you do, airway inflammation is prone to recur. 2) Relievers: help in alleviating symptoms immediately. Coughing or wheezing is often treated this way. However, relievers do nothing for your long term inflammation. 

You ll have to do what you can to avoid smoke, even eliminating smoke in the home so that asthma isn t aggravated or breathing troubles made worse. Avoid smoke as much as possible, and don t allow others to smoke near you when you re living with asthma. Learning how to breathe with asthma isn t as hard as it may seem at first. 

Smoking should not be done within the home, for example, but taken outside where it will not irritate any asthma-related symptoms. For people who have trouble breathing, smoke can be detrimental. Living with asthma is much easier when the home is a smoke-free environment. If at all possible, try to avoid smoke while working, as well. 

Hereditary If you have a parent that suffers with asthma you are three-six times more likely to develop asthma yourself, more than a person who has no parent with asthma. What is an asthma attack It is caused by the tubes letting air down to your lungs, getting smaller, muscles get tighter and make it difficult to get air down, causing breathlessness, coughing, chest tightness, panic, a blue tinge to the lips. 

Aasthma Worsening Asthma symptoms, like symptoms with any prolonged illness, can vary from time to time, season to season. Monitoring your symptoms is important; you've got to be vigilant, because even the mildest onset of one thing, untreated, can mean big trouble down the road. It s important to listen to your body and respond to the cries for help it gives out. 

There are many types of asthma but the medical definition is "a disease of the windpipe (bronchial tubes) which carry air to and from the lungs." Asthma has no set diagnosis; the journey from first warning sign symptoms to a full blown diagnosis of asthma is long and complicated. Symptoms usually: 1) Vary from person to person.